2nd European Value-Based Procurement Conference

Partners for resilient and high-quality health care.

1 December 2020, Virtual Event
Organised by the Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice and supported by EHPPA, EUREGHA, and MedTech Europe, the 2nd European Value-Based Procurement conference aims at bringing together European stakeholders to discuss the shift to a value-based approach that will put patient benefits at the centre of purchasing decisions.

In 2019, more than 250 participants from leading organisations, representing a diverse ecosystem of healthcare actors, attended the 1st European Value-Based Procurement Conference. For more information on the 2019 edition, please visit this page.

This event is supported by:


Sessions: The keynote and the panel sessions will dive into value-based procurement and the way it innovates healthcare delivery, the transition from transactional relationships towards value-based partnerships and more.

Poster exhibition: Poster illustrating some concrete examples of value-based procurement will be presented by the buyers to small groups of participants to allow maximum interaction

Networking: The conference will provide several opportunities for interaction with the speakers, poster presenters and other participants through dedicated networking and Q&A timeslots.


The Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice (VBP CoP) brings together procurement organizations, procurers, the Medical Technology industry and their leadership and engages with health authorities and other stakeholders with a common interest in value-based procurement. The VBP CoP founding partners are EHPPA, MedTech Europe and BCG. For more information on the VBP CoP, please contact Hans Bax

The objective of the VBP CoP is to foster a change in practice and implement value-based procurement both in the public and private healthcare sectors. This will bring the most economically advantageous solution into healthcare, taking into account the value offered to patients, to the care givers, the providers and potentially, to society.

The VBP conference is supported by the revenues generated by the event and, if needed, by a financial contribution of the MEAT Value-Based Procurement initiative industry members and from MedTech Europe itself.

The VBP Conference is also made possible thanks to the supporting partners, who endorsed the program and are advocating the event within their European or International Networks and projects. The supporting partners are free from any financial contribution.

The Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice thanks all contributors, speakers and active participants and welcomes all the further in-kind support alongside the conference.