1st European Value-Based Procurement Conference:
A new paradigm in Health Care.

12 December 2019, Brussels
Organized by the Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice with the clear ambition to discuss and partner for patient-centric, quality and sustainable health care by adopting Value-Based Procurement and changing procurement practice. Value-Based Procurement is a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to partner for patient-centric, higher quality and more sustainable health care. Value-Based Procurement addresses key challenges in the provider/supplier relationship, leading to economic most advantageous purchasing by awarding the specific needs and what citizens, health systems, health actors and society value.

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Agenda and Speakers

The draft agenda of the conference is available here:

The sessions will cover the following topics:

- Opening: Views of the conference partners on Value-Based Procurement: partnering for patient-centric sustainable health care
- Fostering a change towards Value Based Procurement: National and regional policy and investment initiatives
- EU’s role in fostering Value-Based Procurement for innovation and social cohesion, economic growth, fiscal stability and sustainable health care
- Pioneers in Value-Based Procurement: innovative procurement procedures from technology to solutions
- Early Adoption of Value-Based Procurement: a revolution in mind and evolution in practice
- How to accelerate the shift to Value-Based Procurement

Conference material

Venue and accommodation

The Hotel Brussels
Boulevard de Waterloo 38, 1000 BRUSSELS

Should you wish to book accommodation at the conference venue, please note that we have a preferential rate of 199€ per night
(including breakfast & city tax). Possibility to book accommodation at this rate to open soon.


The Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice (VBP CoP) brings together procurement organizations, procurers, the Medical Technology industry, health care professionals, providers, health authorities and other stakeholders with a common interest in value-based procurement. Along with leading procurement organizations, MedTech Europe and BCG are founding members.

The objective of the VBP CoP is to foster a change in practice and implement value-based procurement both in the public and private healthcare sectors. This would bring the most economically advantageous solution into healthcare, taking into account the value offered to patients, to the care givers, the providers and potentially, to society.

The VBP conference is supported by the revenues generated by the event and, if needed, by a financial contribution of the MEAT Value-Based Procurement initiative industry members and from MedTech Europe itself.

The VBP Conference is also made possible thanks to the supporting partners, who endorsed the program and are advocating the event within their European or International Networks and projects. The supporting partners are free from any financial contribution.

The Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice thanks all contributors, speakers and active participants and welcomes all the further in-kind support alongside the conference.

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